You’re in charge of changing the world. 

Turns out, that’s really hard. 

Taking on a lobbyist mindset to become an (even more) effective communicator, getting stuff done in a way that actually feels good, and influencing and inspiring change with strategy, sustainability, and a little bit of magic. 

I propose the charm offensive. 

The thinking that got us into this mess isn’t the thinking that will get us out. 

Why? Because sometimes, the best way to get something done is by throwing a party 🎉. 

"Thanks again for such a great day yesterday. I personally
loved doing The Wheel, and found your questions surrounding it to be so clarifying. You're great at what you do.”

 -Jen Pelka, co-founder, Une Femme Wines

Meet Lis

I’ve been in the roles you’re in now — tasked with creating systems, organizations, and products that help people make good choices, battling outdated ways of thinking, and desperately wishing the island you’re on came with a cute one-piece and a bottle or two of bubbly.

I helped take the sustainability initiative at a Fortune 200 company from a single, sad paragraph copy-pasted from something that got legal approval once upon a time to a full-on program featured on conference stages and in classrooms. I’ve consulted with companies whose products you use daily, and I’ve worked behind the scenes to build an impact program at the nation's most-hated and fastest-growing company (guesses?!). 

Creating the future we want and need can feel like you’re getting away with something fabulous. Which is why, these days, you can find me coaching impact leaders, shining a spotlight on women changing the world, and facilitating a community of change agents. 

Oh, and speaking to groups set on charming the pants off decision-makers (figuratively - obviously 😘) for the sake of creating an inclusive, inspiring, clean energy future that works for everyone.

Known for moxie and magic
most likely to suggest a champagne toast
asks questions that help you see that thing you’ve been ruminating on for a while in a totally different light.

Is Lis the right speaker for our impact/sustainability/ESG team, affinity group, or woman-focused brand? 

You probably have a sense of that already; but just in case, here’s how you know it’s the right fit: 

If you’re looking for a mix of strategy, moxie, magic, and FUN, I’m the person for you.

I’m known for waking decision-makers up to the trillion-dollar-plus opportunity of creating a future that works for all of us — and our planet. I’m a pragmatic optimist, and even though I create beautiful PowerPoint slides, I also know for a fact that what makes a great meeting is the energy and agenda, not the deck.

If you’re looking to bring conversation, curiosity, and authentic connection to your gathering, let’s talk.

 Lis’s most popular topics 

Join this one-hour virtual workshop to (1) take a quick life inventory and see what area or areas of your life, if improved, could lead to the most dramatic results and (2) figure out how to make the shift (it may be easier than you think!).

We'll open with a grounding meditation, spend some time reflecting, and create space for you to connect with other women changing the world. Bring yourself, a pen and paper, water, and an open mind.


Wheel of Life

You’re used to navigating internal politics and polishing talking points. What if we threw a party instead?

Do you want to start your year with a vision of what you’d like to bring to life, a few core feelings to orient your time around, and a concrete list of priorities and milestones to focus on?

In this workshop, we’ll help you (and your team) identify how you want to feel, figure out what you want to accomplish, and create an action plan for how you’re going to make your dreams a reality.


Strategic Planning

In this 60-, 90- or 120-minute workshop, we’ll review the key elements of a personal brand, including: 
  • North star
  • Theory of change
  • Mission statement
  • Legacy tagline
  • Brand pillars

Participants will have a chance to draft these for themselves live, share them in small groups and receive feedback.

Then we’ll talk through telling your story and crafting your elevator pitch before allowing 
time to draft/refine your elevator pitch and receive input from other participants.


Personal Branding for Change Agents

Have you been meaning to update your LinkedIn profile but haven't known where to start? According to LinkedIn, there are 8 people hired every minute on the platform. 

In this 60-minute workshop, I will talk you through my tips, tricks, and secrets for making sure you and your profile stand out, including:
  • The 3 most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile for search and how you can optimize them
  • Recommendations for framing your experience
  • New LinkedIn features that you should absolutely be using
  • Easy ways to show up as a thought leader
  • How to ask for recommendations
  • Effective "cold" outreach suggestions


LinkedIn Glow-Up

The Burnout and Boundaries workshop is designed to give participants:
  • A better understanding of why burnout is so common for change agents
  • An understanding of what real self-care can look like in a personal and professional context
  • Time to develop a clear set of lines to draw around your time and energy
  • Tips and tricks for upholding your new boundaries


Burnout and Boundaries for Impact Leaders

Have you been wanting to capture all of the totally amazing, badass things you did this year, but you’re not quite sure where to start?

In this 90-minute workshop, I’ll help participants capture key highlights from the year to create a personal impact report. 

You’ll also receive a Canva template that you can use to bring your accomplishments to life.


Personal Impact Reporting

“We learned so much and loved the turnout/response we got from attendees!” 

–Daphne Thompson, Brand Manager, Spring Fertility

Who I love to connect with, and how


  • Keynote 
  • Breakout session
  • Panel
  • Interactive workshop

  • Women-oriented brands
  • ESG/sustainability/impact teams
  • Affinity groups and ERGs
  • Networking groups and communities for change agents




Lis Best is an executive coach for women in impact, founder and facilitator of the Girls Club Collective, and host of the Women Changing the World podcast.

Since launching her coaching and consulting business in 2020, Lis has helped hundreds of leaders navigate ESG careers, up-level their thought leadership, and become more effective change agents.

Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Lis worked as director of social impact for the world's fastest-growing pre-IPO start-up, a management consultant for BSR, and the sustainability manager at Qualcomm, a Fortune 200 technology company.

She has been trusted to speak by organizations including Spring Fertility, Une Femme, Grove Collaborative, Net Impact, and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. She and her work have been featured in publications like Brit & Co., Create & Cultivate, Greenbiz, Ladies Get Paid, Nasdaq, and Thrive Global.




Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

Please inquire through our speaking form, and share details about your event. Once you do this, our team will have all the information we need to provide a quote to you and your team!

More than one topic seems relevant to my group — how do I choose?

Great question! Our most popular six topics are a starting place. We customize every engagement to best suit your group, so mention this in your inquiry form, and Lis will work with you to craft something special.

Can you deliver all of your speaking offerings virtually and in person?

Yes, Lis can participate in your event both virtually and in person! In person speaking engagements may incur a travel fee and are eligible for travel cost reimbursement, which will be included in your proposal.