You're the logical leader, the try-harder, the steadfast change-maker.


We offer executive coaching for aspiring CEO-whisperers, rebels with a cause, and change agents tired of waiting for permission.

Feeling good is a form of rebellion.

but guess what?

But no one else is going to do it for you. (And certainly not Kevin in accounting.)

Whether you’re thinking ‘I only have so many hours in the day,’ or ‘I have no business being here,’ or you simply have #toomanyemails to think about anything else, it can feel selfish to put yourself first.

You're used to navigating internal politics and polishing talking points. 

Tasked with building something from the ground up, almost always as a team of one (or one fewer than you actually need to make real change) probably has you feeling that I-only-have-so-many-hours-in-the-day feeling.

You’re so used to overfunctioning, you passed burnout a few months ago, and now one wrong comment about women at work is going to make you blow up your calendar.

We’re going to charm the pants off decision-makers (figuratively - obviously), coach you to do business in a way that feels like you, and help you tap into that infectious confidence to finally retire the outdated model of masculine leadership.

The best part?  They won’t even see it coming.

Here's how we'll make magic.

We get you turned on to your wildest dreams so you can wake decision-makers up to the trillion-dollar-plus opportunity of an inclusive, inspiring, clean energy future that works for everyone.

We’ll forgo the pink-pantsuit model of feminine leadership to cultivate that ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ energy so you can be a confident leader and effective communicator who gets stuff done in a way that actually feels good.







We are your co-conspirator in employing the charm offensive — the softest force, the quiet rebellion, the boldness of two glasses of champagne — to influence and inspire change. And to have a great time while doing it.

You're having an OMG-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life moment.

You’re wondering if anything you're working on is actually having an impact

You’re trying to figure out how to figure out what comes next in your life and/or career

You’re teetering on the edge of burnout (or, if you're being honest with yourself, kinda already there)

You aren’t satisfied with being given one seat at the table; you’re ready for a revolution 

You’re looking to improve your communication skills, and do your work (and life!) with confidence

You’re ready to ask for MORE

Success should feel like you're getting away with something - and it's about time you stopped waiting for permission.

Post-call assignments, journal prompts, and mantras, plus post-call summary notes on action items and next steps.

one-on-one coaching

My cheering you on as you create the life and career of your wildest dreams!

One 90-minute strategy kick-off call and bi-weekly one-on-one coaching calls.

Our work together will equip you to become an (even more) effective change agent.

The reason why organizations are — or aren’t — doing the right thing isn’t because of the business case for doing it. It comes down to how effective the people — often women — at the helm of these programs are at creating change.

  • Learn how to lobby for the systems, organizations, and products that give people like us better options. 
  • Gain tools to make doing the right thing irresistible, whether it’s setting a greenhouse gas emissions goal, expanding your team, or getting you the promotion or role that was overdue yesterday.
  • Become the leader you want to be, persuade the climate denier on the 10th floor to get on board, and leverage communication to create change.
  • Elevate how you’re showing up in your career and captivate your peers.

"Lis has been supportive of my goals since the first time we met."

Over the last 6 months, she has helped me to be brave and dream about what's next for my life and career, something I'm not so sure I allowed myself to do in such a BIG way before coaching with Lis. She has celebrated the victories with me and helped me carry the weight of the disappointments. She has been my hype-person and cheerleader throughout this journey, reminding me at every step that what I have to give to the world is valuable, needed, and wanted. My inner critic can be LOUD, but Lis's cheerleading is louder and more powerful. Before starting with Lis, I felt energized by my passions, but very unsure about how to pursue them. Lis helped me establish a vision and mission for my coaching business, develop brand pillars, set coaching rates, and book my first speaking gig. After working with Lis, I feel confident in myself and believe that I am an expert with a whole lot of good to contribute to the world.

- Melanie



“Lis has helped me tap into the best version of myself through her encouragement and support.”

Her thought-provoking questions have helped me crystalize my personal brand and her input and feedback on my website, resume, and LinkedIn profile have been invaluable. I am so grateful for her calm and positive presence as I navigate a career transition.




“Lis has been incredibly supportive during my career-exploration/job search process."

She has helped me to prioritize self-exploration, networking and job search activities, and to build confidence, motivation, and drive as I take interviews and the first steps towards my new career. 
Overall, with her knowledge base (especially of social impact) and supportive/thoughtful coaching style, I have found Lis to be a critical resource as I navigate the unknown and continue to reimagine my future.  I am very grateful for the time I have worked with Lis, and because of her support, I am very much looking forward to what might be coming next!”

- Debra



“If you're looking for true growth, I 100% recommend Lis!"

Lis has helped me navigate the unknown of starting my own business in climate and sustainability, while also helping me face some of my biggest fears and personal roadblocks headon. Before Lis came into my life I was terrible at boundary setting, completely programmed into the hustle culture, and was lost when it came to defining my personal brand. Lis not only has helped me create new sustainable work/life habits, but has given me the confidence to truly own my power. I knew 2021 was going to be a year of growth for me, but I never could've imagined the type of impact Lis would play in both my personal and professional life. Hiring Lis as a coach has been without a doubt one of the best investments that I've made.”

- Amanda



Hi, I’m Lis, and I'm your secret weapon.

I’ve been in the roles you’re in now — tasked with creating systems, organizations, and products that help people make good choices, battling outdated ways of thinking, and desperately wishing the island you’re on came with a cute one-piece and a bottle or two of bubbly.

I  helped take the sustainability initiative at a Fortune 200 company from a single, sad paragraph copy-pasted from something that got legal approval once upon a time to a full-on program featured on conference stages and in classrooms. I’ve consulted with companies whose products you use daily, and I’ve worked behind the scenes to build an impact program at the nation's most-hated and fastest-growing company (guesses?!). 

I'm a firm believer in embracing the idea that it gets to feel good while you do it. (And not just once it’s done.)

executive coach
esG strategist
podcast host
beach lover

You read that right. Creating the future we want and need can feel like you’re getting away with something.

I’m the secret weapon for women changing the world, and I’m here to help you make your wildest dreams a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

My one-on-one coaching is typically a 6 month minimum commitment. If you're interested in working together in a shorter (intensive!) or longer capacity, please set up an alignment call, and we can discuss your options!

What's included in the program?

All bi-weekly session coaching packages include:
  • An in-depth intake questionnaire so that I can learn all the things about you.
  • A 90-minute initial strategy session.
  • Bi-weekly one-on-one coaching Zoom calls.
  • Post-call assignments, journal prompts, and mantras.
  • Summary notes with action items and next steps after each call.
  • Voxer support as needed between scheduled calls (I’m here for you!) during business hours (because boundaries!).
  • SOS calls on specific issues or accomplishments (20 minutes or less) as needed.
  • Review of your resume, LinkedIn, and up to three (3) cover letters (+ review of unlimited collateral with a 6-month commitment!).
  • An endless stream of book, podcast, and other resource recommendations.
  • My cheering you on as you create the life of your wildest dreams!

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yes. You have the option of either paying up front (to save a little $$$) or paying monthly.

Will we meet in person?

This package is structured for the majority of our sessions to be conducted via Zoom, but (!) I absolutely love meeting my clients in person if feasible + safe. If you're somewhere that I'll be, I'd absolutely love for us to meet face-to-face (while respecting social distance + public health guidelines) while we are working together.

Is what I share with you confidential?

Yes, absolutely everything you share with me as part of our engagement is treated as highly confidential. This is to allow you to be honest and vulnerable about the real challenges you may be facing in your life and/or your job. I am a vault!